Strip Pieced Colorwash

Strip Pieced Colorwash

Do you love the look of watercolor quilts? ....but you can’t see yourself cutting hundreds of squares! This class is for you. Using Strip piecing techniques, we will produce wonderful and stunning watercolor quilts. You will learn and experience working with color values. Students choose a project from 2 beginning and 2 intermediate quilts.

1 Day Guild Class
With homework and cutting strip prior to class we lay out blocks and have opportunity to improve visual impact . We will then discuss sewing blocks and set posibilities for top.

2 Day Guild Class
More time for layout expecially helpful for intermediate level quilts.most students will be able to finish blocks in class..

3 Session Class

Quilt shops this works well in 3 sessions about 1 week apart.

Supply List:

Fabric strips cut and sorted by value
  light, light +, medium, medium +, dark, dark+
  Recommendation - cut a few extra.
Spray Starch (I prefer off brands like Walgreens)
Terry Cloth bath towel
Sewing Machine (good working order, threaded, new needle)
2 - Bobbins filled with neutral thread
Good size mat (panels are 20 “ x aprrox. 14 “)
6" x 24" Grided Ruler
Rotary Cutter
Package of Safety Pins (preferably #1 size, need about 20)
Straight Pins
Min. of 1/2 yard of fabric, (this is used folded up to support ruler when cutting stacked panels)

You might want one of the following: ruby beholder, reducing glass, binoculars (use backwards), camera lense, or eye piece from door viewer.
Ironing set-up

Click link to print supply list