Get It Done

Get It Done

This is a workshop about getting things to fit together that turned out different sizes.
Like when you won block of the month and the blocks were supposed to be 12 ½ inch unfinished blocks and they ranged from 11 to 14 inches. We will learn ways to adjust the sizes and then pick a fun set.

The 2 for 1 sampler was made from sampler blocks my mom made. The sizes were all different and they did not lay flat. I can show you how to help them lay flat.

This class will also help you take as few as 6 blocks and turn them into a queen sized quilt ( see blue and white sample).

Students can bring more than one set of blocks to class if they want opinions on how they might be set.  Students will get directions for ALL six sets and choose one to work on in class.

One page of your directions details which sets need lots of one fabric and which ones works well very scrappy.  
If your budget is limited you may want to pick a scrappy choice and work from your stash.

In class we will share each project, have time to work with individual help, and share results at the end of the day.

Before class students may correspond with teacher by email, you may want to discuss block size vs finished size of quilt or want help knowing approx. fabric amounts.
Please arrange this so that it does not fall in the last week before the class.

Supply List:

Bring your mismatched odd sized blocks. We will make them fit together and turn them into something you love.
(Based on Sharyn Craig Great Sets -techniques.)

Possible Sets   Stash or Buy Fabric       

 2 for 1 Set- Lavender and Pink Sampler

Advantages for this set some blocks set straight some on point.
Sample used scraps from stash for “framing” around blocks.

 Square in a Square- Birds Quilt

Square in a square block can use scraps from your stash. Purchased fabric for “framing” bird blocks and focus blue andgreen used in square in a square blocks. 

Chain Set- Blue and White Quilt

Advantage - I had only 6 -10 and 1/2 inch blocks-made full size quilt.
Purchased a lot of fabric for “framing” the blocks.

Crossover Set- Tulip Quilt

Purchased a lot of fabric each tulip block is “framed” with light blue/green and the alternate block requires 2 triangles of same fabric.
Did use a variety of greens from my stash in alternate blocks.

Garden Maze Set- Ladies Quilt

Each lady is framed first with a fabric from my stash.
Purchased fabric for sashing (black dots,red batik, and white/black)

Note: All of the samples shown are straight set blocks. Each could also be done as set on point.

Click link to print supply list

Click link to print fabric requirements

Looking at your blocks, answer the following questions:
1. How many blocks do I have?
2. What size are my blocks? (smallest, largest)
3. Orientation: should blocks set straight or on point?
4. What colors do I have?
5. Do I like the colors?
6. Keep these colors or change?
7. How big do I want the finished quilt?
8. What do I like or dislike about the blocks?
9. Do I want to work scrappy?                                                                                                           10. Which set do I like?
When you have answered these questions, you are ready to set an appointment with the teacher. This will allow us to discuss your specific project and plan estimates for fabric you will need to complete your project.
For this we have options: We can arrange a time for  a phone call or a we can correspond by email thru my web site.

Click link to print worksheet