Color Expoloration - Ohio Stars

Color Expoloration - Ohio Stars

Students will use 4 strips of 3 colors. First they will make a checkerboard. Two extra seams and cuts and they will have enough star points to produce two blocks. The accent and background fabrics will swap places in the blocks.

This is an exploration with color and fabric choices.

You will use color in ways you might not normally choose.

Fabric Supplies for Class:
Bring a lot of fabric !!!!!
One easy way to choose fabric is to work with a theme: Christmas, Fourth of July, Flowers, Fruit, Sports prints, Music, Farm Animals etc. Another option is to work with favorite colors: red, white, and blue (for example). Still another option is to find a fabric you really like that contains a variety of colors: and pull out all of the colors you can find in that fabric.

Once you've picked your theme or colors you need a lot of variety:

** Lights, mediums and darks- (there should be a range: can you find lights, mediums, and darks in your selection of light? in your selections of mediums? etc.)

** Variety in type of print: geometrics, stripes, small prints vs. large, fabric that "reads" like a solid, plaids, solids, checks.

** If working with a theme or holiday-lots of fabric that is not your theme.
Example: If using red and green Christmas fabrics not all your fabrics should be Christmas-bring all the reds and other greens you have.

** Vary the shades in your colors:
Example: If using red, white, and blue bring lots of different shades of each color.

** Use white:-bring white on white, tans creme, off-white.

Amount of Fabric: *
Each set of two Ohio Stars requires the following:

* Star Fabric - 2 strips, 3" X 13"

* Background Fabric - 1 strip, 3" X 13" plus extr fabric to cut squares (approx. 4" X 16" ) do not cut ahead of time.

* Accent Fabric - 1 strip, 3" X 13" plus extr fabric to cut squares (approx. 4" X 16" ) do not cut ahead of time.

* Center Square appro. 4" x 4" do not cut ahead-can bring fabrics you like that are only big enough to make a center square.

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Fabric - Lots of variety
Not necesary to cut ahead of time

Spray Starch (I prefer off brands like Walgreens)
Terry Cloth Bath Towel
Sewing Machine (good working order, threaded, new needle)
2 - Bobbins filled with neutral thread
Good size mat (panels are 20" x aprrox. 14")
6" x 24" Gridded Ruler (6 inch is better than 6  1/2  if you have)
                                   6 1/2 inch square helpful
Rotary Cutter
Straight Pins
Ironing set-up (1 for every 2 students)
Chocolate, water, snacks

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