Gidgets and Gadgets

Gidgets and Gadgets

Technique class: Triangle in a Square, Four at a Time Flying Geese, triangles from strips the size you would cut squares or rectangles. Multiple methods for all techniques

Lots of demos, tips, and gadgets to give you options when you quilt.

Students each receive their own notebook.

Fabric Amounts - Pattern: Freedom Freedom


Trumpet Stars

Ohio Stars
Squares for
Ohio Squares
Mini (22") 1/2 yd 1 4 16- 2 7/8''
Lap (48") 2 yds 4 9 36- 2 7/8''
Twin (64") 4 3/4 yds 8 25 100- 2 7/8''
Queen (92") 7 1/4 yds 20 49 196- 2 7/8''

Each Trumpet Star:
Medium to dark fabric, 2 1/2'' strip WOF (width of fabric selvage to selvage) additional 1- 2 1/2'' X 8'' strip.
Background (included in fabric amount above) 2 1/2'' strip WOF plus 2 1/2 X 9'' rectangle.

Each Ohio Star:
Medium to dark fabric 4 each of the squares (shown in last column above), these will be star points.
Background 1 square 5 1/4'', 4 squares 2 1/2 '' (background amount included above).
Focus Center 1 square 4 1/2 "

Click link to print fabric amounts

Fabric Supplies for Class:   Bring a lot of different fabrics !!!!!
One easy way to choose fabric is to work with a theme: Christmas, Fourth of July, Flowers, Fruit, Sports prints, Music, Farm Animals etc. Another option is to work with favorite colors: red, white, and blue (for example). Still another option is to find a fabric you really like that contains a variety of colors: and pull out all of the colors you can find in that fabric. I have also started by picking a type of fabric such as plaids or batiks.

Once you've picked your theme or colors you need a lot of variety:

** Variety in type of print: geometrics, stripes, small prints vs. large, fabric that "reads" like a solid, plaids, solids, checks.

** If working with a theme or holiday-lots of fabric that is not your theme.
Example: If using red and green Christmas fabrics not all your fabrics should be Christmas-bring all the reds and other greens you have. If using red, white, and blue not all should be "patriotic" prints.

** Vary the shades in your colors:
Example: If using red, white, and blue bring lots of different shades of each color. For example: white can include tan, off white, white on white etc.

** Background fabric in sample is one fabric. You could choose to use a variety bring white on white, or tans creme, or off-white.

Click link to print fabric supplies

Fabric - Lots of variety
Sewing Machine (good working order, threaded, new needle)
2 - Bobbins filled with neutral thread 6" x 24"
Gridded Ruler and Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
Straight Pins
Ironing Set-Up
Chocolate, water, snacks

If you have these rulers please bring:
96 or 96 L omnigrid (90 degree triangle)
Tri-Rec set of rulers
Small square (between 4 to 6 1/2 '')

This is a Technique Workshop to 'free up" how you work.
** Use Ri-Rec rulers to cut triangle into square pieces. These pieces when cut will align and sew together correctly. No need to mark intersection or align dot to dot with pins.

** Cut triangles and squares from same size strip. We will explore 2 different methods.

** Make flying geese for Ohio Star points 4 at a time. We will explore 2 different methods-no drawing diagonal lines.
No piecing triangles

We will also see possibilites for working scrappy. My quilts often contain 100-400 or more fabrics.

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