So you finished your blocks and the quilt is done....oh you actually expect me to sew the blocks together - AND it needs a border. So you just cut an interesting fabric into larger strips add it on all sides and call it done. If this describes your quilt making, you are missing an opportunity to add a little extra to your quilt and create something stunning. Our class will explore options that use simple techniques to create the WOW factor.

In class we will learn a method for making a simple block. These blocks could be used to make a quilt, but we will focus on how they can make stunning borders.

Once the basic method is learned, we will explore at least 6 variations. After seeing these possibilities students that bring a finished top can begin working on planning and executing blocks for borders on their specific quilt.

Supply List:



All strips cut 2 inches wide


      2 sets of 10 each lights       2 inches x 12 inches   white with little black 

      2 sets of 10 each  darks      2 inches x 20 inches   black with little white


      1 set 5 each contrast           2 inches x 40 inches

                                                         primary color tone on tone not solid



 Bring 1 set:     light or brite  2 inches x 16 inches

                        light or brite  2 inches x 40  inches

                        light or brite  2 inches x  40 inches + 2 inches x 18 inches

                        Dark              2 inches  x 24 inches                           

             Example:      all light or brite could be different reds

                     Dark could be black



Bring a finished top you would like to design a border for. Bring a selection of light, dark, and contrast fabrics. Personally the scrappier the better. Do not cut strips for this top until we discuss in class as you may want to change the width. 

Click link to print supply list