Learn how to transfer design, center on block, layer pieces and adjust until design is perfect. Students choose between three designs. Learn hand button hole stitch for inside points, outside points, skinny pieces, and even curves. Learn how to use steam-a-seam but have soft not stiff blocks. Makes a great portable hand project that can travel anywhere with you.
Students will choose between 3 designs.

Supply List:

First Choose one of the three designs:

Bring pieces of fabric big enough to cover individual pieces of your design. Recommend bringing several so you can choose in class. Each design will tell you what size the finished block is, bring a background fabric at least 2 inches larger than finished size. You can use any type cotton fabric but some batiks are harder to sew thru by hand.

Embroidery Floss:
Bring several colors, some that match and some that contrast slightly with fabrics you have choosen. Michaels or Joannes carry floss if your local quilt shop does not.

Other Supplies:
Needles - larger eye works well for floss.
Steam-a-seam 2 light- instructor will have some if you can not locate.
Pencils, pens, paper scissors, fabric scissors, scotch tape if you use them, do not forget reading glasses.
Recommend hoop to hold fabric under tension- I prefer metal ones.

Optional Supplies:
Light box - as an alternative a small window pane or piece of plastic can substitute if you have light source to set under it.
We will discuss options in class.

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